Are there any films where you've seen the sequel(s) but not the original?

I haven’t seen Evil Dead 1, so there’s that

I have seen Hotel Transylvania 3 but not the other two.

(Body is too similar to what you recently posted)

This original reply was the inspiration for the thread you are currently in

That’s very touching


The empire strikes back is the only one of the original star wars films I’ve seen

Saw Blade Runner 2049 last year, still to see any of the first 2048


I would imagine a pornographic film from before the time of broadband. Let’s say Assbusters 7.


Did you enjoy it?

The good the bad and the ugly

Ouija: Origin Of Evil but not Ouija, as I heard that the original was arse but the sequel (by yer Haunting Of Hill House man) was good. Turns out it is also arse…

‘The Force Awakens’.



I’ve seen a few of the Final Destination films, but not the first. Still understood the premise.

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saw aliens and terminator 2 before seeing the originals, in both cases this made the eventual viewing of them really anti climatic. “but terminator one is the best one!!!” yeah is it fuck

in answer to the question you actually asked though, no, I don’t think there is


Oh shit, only seen Terminator 2.

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I have seen Alien: Covenant but I have not seen Prometheus

Glad we agree

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The FD films are a massive guilty pleasure* of mine.

*you got an issue with this phrase then I am willing to fight, stripped to the waist, in any car park in the south east.

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ignore @thewarn, only disappointment awaits you if you follow his path

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D2: The Mighty Ducks.

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