Are there any good computer or board games based on bands?

'Cos I’d love this to be real.

Wasn’t there a terrible PS1 mystery/horror game with Aerosmith? I’m not making this up.

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def jam vendetta was quite fun on the ps2. wu tang had a game too but only had a couple of goes on that, seemed alright

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Might’ve been a Kiss one?

I was actually in the middle of designing one last year actually that featured Mitski. It was a third person platform game where you had to stop her releasing her shitty last album.


Wu tang shaolin style
Brutal Legend
Rock Band (The Beatles)

Japanese Breakfast has a video game

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The Kiss one was called Psycho Circus and was terrible.

Make my video: Kriss Kross
Make my video: INXS

There have been a few Kiss games

Revolution X (aerosmith)

Frankie goes to Hollywood on the zx spectrum. Yes I am old.

I also had a Paul mccartney game, but c7 year old me had no idea what you were meant to be doing in it.


About a decade or more ago unremarkable* indie band New Rhodes had a Pokémon-style game on their website which was quite fun, always crashed for me when I got to the Radiohead boss though :frowning:

*this assessment may or may not be unfair, haven’t listened to them in forever, but then also haven’t had the urge to.

Monopolyphonic Spree

Does she still owe you royalties? :wink:

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Warhol and Harry were at the launch of the Amiga, but it was demonstrating the art capabilities, creating a piece of art there and then, not playing a game.

Iron Maiden has an Ed Hunter light gun ‘on-rails’ shooter back in the late-90s. It was terrible.

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Frankly baffled that The Misfits never put out a video game.

This used to be playable on their website

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Not to be confused with the recent Ion Maiden, which has had to change it’s name after a lawsuit.

This, from the guys at buddyhead. Haven’t tried to access it in years but probably still up there somewhere


I think we remember this classic - the Shakin Stevens game. My sister had his album on tape and it was at the end of side 2 - can’t remember whether any other acts did this back in the day

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