Are there any health benefits to putting Olive Oil in your hair?


Did it a couple nights ago. Thought I could remember someone saying its good for you but not sure.


sure man, why not


Good work virgin.


@penoid ?




you can use any oil you want on your hair, either for a treatment or to style, in place of serums etc.

the benefits from oils depends on the texture and quality of the oil, and the absorbency, porosity and thickness of your hair. everyone, and every oil, is different. the dryer and thicker your hair, the heavier/richer the oil you can use.


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can’t promise that i will always have the time to reply straight away, or the patience to go too heavily into detail, but i’m always happy to help.

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My hair is quite thick but not dry at all. Really nice hair tbh


what about butter


castor oil is meant to thicken your hair. i’ve not tried it yet, though.