Are there any major cities that aren't near a big river or the sea?



is there a river in leeds?


Shit ones like Madrid.


Madrid is on a river


mexico city




fake ones in America like Phoenix and Las Vegas


Huh, so it is. I have zero recollection of it.


Some of the ‘new’ capitals are are not near the sea or a river, although they do have artificial lakes etc. eg Ankara, Brasilia, Abuja, Canberra.


Leeds is because that’s what flooded Suburban Home


Phoenix is on the Salt River.


No it’s not


What’s new about Ankara?


Leeds and Bradford aren’t near rivers. They only became big cities during the industrial revolution though, so it’s not like they needed to be next to a river to fend off angry Saxons.


There is a small river, The Zenne, but it’s nothing much.






i get leeds and liverpool mixed up


one is a northern city home to a population with strange accents and huge delusions of grandeur, and the other is…oh


Let me ask YOU are there any major rivers without a big city on them?

Please do not answer.


great question.

marckee - get googling