Are there any non-geographical or fictional postcode areas in your town or city?

M99 is just ‘JD Williams’ and i’ve never heard of that but they sound like Tories. Guessing it’s like Amazon or something.

M10 is Weatherfield (Coronation Street).


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EH99 for the Scottish Parliament.

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Don’t know about like that, but Royal Mail cheekily grabbed BN1 1AA for the post office in town. Surely that postcode should be the Royal Pavilion or the Town Hall or something?

jd williams is a catalogue, used to share an office with them at an old call centre job

Thinking about it, the old West Pier must have had a postcode, before it burned down. There’s no post going there now.

Sub-thread: what are the stupidest place names in your postal code area?

For NN:

Long Buckby
Moreton Pinkney
Lower Shuckburgh

SW1A 1AA is Buckingham Palace

E20 (Walford) is now an actual place - the Olympic Park.

Used to work a deaf charity and always found it neat the postcode ended in 8SL. They’ve moved now though :frowning:


And I think M99 is Dale street or thereabouts.

Wish it was just a fictional postcode. :rofl:

Bow - bow e3, b-b-b-b-b-bow e3

Vinos - literally means ‘wines’
San Francisco
A Farixa - the flourish
Os fornos- the ovens
A granxa - the farm
Os coiñas - means something else but also translates as ‘the fucks’

Live near a neighbourhood called ‘monte alegre’ which means ‘joyous mountain’

Still less stupid than Mount Florida in Glasgow.


Well I say “Glasgow”, it’s on the south side.

I believe @epimer’s new postcode will be CB4 which is as close to CBA as you can get.

Current one too. Also previous one.

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E3 Bow the letter


Little Bongs