Are there celebrities who have really obvious email addresses?

I was just thinking about the “Guess The Celeb” thread (spoilered in case you want to read the thread from the start) where @TVDenimChap got an email from David Hasselhoff. I was just imagining him having an email address like or something

I guess I’ve never really thought of it before. You’re all much better connected than me - are there any examples like this?

Obviously please don’t disclose actual email addresses

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I’m sure loads like are a cert.

Ed Balls, probably.



If he put his surname first he’d be


In my old job I once took a call from a fairly well-known writer of children’s books of the 70s-80s and they had an email address that was just their name @ common email provider .com. Not a celebrity but as close as I’ve got.


When that leak of all the celebrity nudes happened wasn’t it because lots of celebrities just had their name and the standard Mac mail format or something

Loads of people who are famous enough have just or whatever and use that account personally rather than it being their management or agent or whatever


Often that inbox is also shared with their PA or office manager too, but yeah they do tend to just handle stuff out of there

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Back in the early 90s, while I was at uni, I managed to email Douglas Adams. I think at the time so few people were on email that sharing your email address wasn’t a big deal.

What was a big deal was that he replied!


“How did you get this email address? Please never email me again”



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Football clubs quite often have really obvious email address formats, like

I’ve heard of recruiters guessing them to get a toe in the door, etc.


One of the things we used to do for fun in IT lessons at school was send email to [random name] being like “Trevor! It’s been so long, Mikhail gave me your email address, how the devil are you old boy?”


Dunno if you’d class him as a celebrity but the guitarist from Pelican uses stupidtalentlesssackofshit@outlook.con which is very apt

Back in the 00s some pals and I had a mailing list for passing the time at work, we’d just email each other back and forth through the day.

It was around the time the Wire was first airing on BBC2 and we were all avid watchers, I remember a whole chain where we talked about how David Simon probably had a firstname.last name gmail account and the temptation of just CCing it into a chain and seeing if anything happened.

We never did it though :frowning: