Are U2 any good?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Just the singles

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I think they are

Option 4: They were in the 80s.


no idea at all I’m afraid.

I only remember that Beautiful Day song

They’re fucking excellent

The early 90s stuff was great


The joke about Bono clapping his hands is good.

Also War is a great album I guess.

Was thinking recently about how I couldn’t in good faith construct a list of my favourite guitarists of all time without putting The Edge in. Pillock though he is.

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Dude sure likes a delay pedal.


Up until The Joshua Tree, yes. After that, not so much (although Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is a total tune)


Yeah if you’re gonna have one trick you better make sure it’s a bloody good one.

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You’re right there.

I also like Discotheque.

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The Fly is a great song


Achtung Baby is excellent, zooropa is very good and Pop has a couple of excellent tunes.

All shite after that.


some good tunes I reckon. kind of. I mean, even the good ones are a bit shit, if you think about it, but I definitely have a soft spot for some of them.

Red Hill Mining Town, Your Blue Room… umm… Stay, Miss Sarajevo, The Fly, Hold Me Kill Me etc. other obvious singles, too.

although I like some tunes less than I used to. Where The Streets Have No Name was one of my absolute favourite tunes when I was… fifteen. not so much now.



edit: nothing to see here.

Was never a big fan of theirs, was too young for the U2 mania that hit Ireland when I grew up and with Bono being Bono I always just avoided them.
So, I went and made a playlist of U2 songs I liked because of this and was surprised how much of it I liked.

For anyone interested.

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Some good songs, some shit songs.
Bono, Edge, overall smugness, showiness and tax dodging spoil it.

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Angel of Harlem is a banger

Can’t decide between Promenade and So Cruel as my favourite