Are we all having pizza tonight? (Fri eve)


Picked up a couple of M&S vegetable stone (Yeh ok leave it now!) baked pizza reduced.

Currently got a nice backyard ipa

Banoffee cheesecake for dessert.

Happy Friday

This is the Friday evening thread


No, had a pizza last night.


Fine o will


Would’ve thought everyone’s going to the chippy.


as yet undecided


Pizza last night. Beef stroganoff tonight but reading that thread has put me in the mood for a chippy.


nope, I can’t afford it sorry






Ahhh bam. What you gonna have?

To be fair mine was 3 pounds


“chipshop shares soar nationwide; analysts baffled; three die in Scotland”


quorn burgers!


Perfect! !!


I do have a bag of chilli sensations and a creme egg for party time


Mate you don’t need pizza. You got it going on there



I need help coming up with a snappy title for an event but it’s in Foreign so none of you can help. Sigh


Are you sure no one here can help?

What language??


Yes I am having pizza tonight. A massive 24 inch jobber shared, with 3 different types of toppings. @plasticniki knows it as table pizza. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, doing some housey chores and listening to Liars and drinking a brew


Not sure I’ve ever had a 24 inch pizza!!!

You’re having a good night already!


I’ll send one round to your stone cottage