Are we all having pizza tonight? (Fri eve)


i speak fluent nørsess. what do you need?


Not had a pizza for weeks.

Got salmon tonight.

Reckon a pizzer would do the job for Monday night though (as that is effectively my Friday this week).


Nevermind. Gonna have a rest before heading to work later, hopefully it’ll just magically come to me in my sleep or something


Had sausage and broccoli pasta, hactually. 6/10


Pie and mash (and veg) for me tonight I’m afraid.


Going to trim my beard and then head to soundcheck. The rain is so bad out there. I hope my pedals don’t get soaked on the way to the venue.

Oh, and I’ll probably get a nasi goreng from Malay Kitchen before the gig.


Uh oh didn’t get the memo. Flatmate is bringing chinese after he’s been the gym. I’m obviously going to sit and drink beer until then.

Might watch Being John Malkovich.


you know what, I think I might just get pizza tonight


fucking love a nasi goring


Your entire conversation with flat mate should be Malkovich, in tribute.


Gonna cook up some steaks and maybe smoke a number later on. Had a two hour nap earlier which has left me in a weird mood…:sleeping:


I used to make a fantastic nasi goreng. Probably wasn’t very authentic but it tasted :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:.


Yep! Four cheese frozen one from Tesco. Surprisingly good and only £1.75.


Well now I really want pizza even though I have about three meals worth of sweet potato and red lentil curry in the fridge


FYI sacred paws are doing some live film soundtrack thing at tramway next month.

Can’t remember who the other sacred paws fans are around here.


Oh yeah… a Kroger double pepperoni pizza at Badger towers tonight… washed down with a six pack of Great Lakes Conway’s Irish Ale


We’re making burritos. It’s not fish and chips but it’ll do.


That’ll be class no doubt.


That sounds amazing @stickboy! I’m having falafel and a cup of tea


Nice, thanks for the heads up