Are we allowed to post pornographic images on this new forum?


asking for a friend
asking for a friend

I cannot change my profile picture to a new image

just skimmed the guidelines. no is the answer! good


are we allowed to post pornographic images on this forum? fuck.jpg.


I’m enjoying the danger element to opening this thread in a busy office.


never heard it been called that


The wrong question.

Can you post pornographic images? Yes
Will you be reprimanded and possibly banned for doing so? Highly likely.




But, who will decide what is pornographic and what isn’t? Will we have a Lord of Porn, a combined ruler and judge whose task it is to evaluate all images for their level of indecency? Will softcore pass through the gates?


really looking forward to giving my first official warning

shall we take bets on who it will be?






don’t know why he’s not preemptively banned tbh


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