Are we at peak fatigue?


we used to be peak everything

now we have everything fatigue

what’s the next word that’ll be pushed by the shills in the (dishonest) MSM?


have you ever owned a set of fatigues?


What happened to centric? That was huge on here for a while. Johnny Foreigner, centric and thread smashes.


you never really own a fatigue. you just pass them on to your son


centric dad


centric dad bod



Someone tweeted this yesterday and it was ADRENALIN


I already have fatigue fatigue


i have fatigue from the mc donalds i had for lunch. cracking galaxy cookie crunch mc flurry tho


woah that’s really fucking ADRENALIN. intense


I want to get on board with this how do I use it properly please


One of the early Star Wars figures was Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues. I made an absolute horror show of trying to pronounce that aged about 8.


je suis bespin fatigues


Just call things ADRENALIN.

I had a bagel yesterday and it was ADRENALIN.

The UK is undergoing the ADRENALIN heatwave and I am here for it.


oh shit man you are so ADRENALIN


things are a ‘big mood’ these days arent they. dunno what it means, i think it means ‘i feel like this sometimes’


Genuinely going to make this happen I think.


Actually yes I did pronounce it as if was French, although I was too young to have learned any French at that point


Ever used any of these irl?

  • I’m shook
  • I’m screaming
  • I’m dead
  • I’m crying

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yes, once