Are we eating yet?

Coconut and broccoli curry soup plus bread, probably a satsuma and some fudge for laters (and a “meaty” book on the side hohoh). Hbu huns?

Had some quorn nuggets and a few fries with some sriracha mayo.

Probably have a couple of choc digs with a cup of tea in an hour or so.

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Had a really nice lunch from M&S - goats cheese and cazza onion tart, deli-style coleslaw and a fancy salad. Washed down with a Diet Coke. Got some raspberries for later.


sainos misery deal: spicy chicken baguette, jalapeno walkers max things, innocent bubbles (orange & lime)

Got hungry at about 10:45, managed to make it to 11:50 before eating.

Had a big home made salad

Now eating a cheeky Eccles cake

Javanese Jackfruit Rendang with rice and Asian slaw.

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Beef madras. Cauliflower and beetroot on the side.


Made sandwiches

Bread, butter, philadelphia, smoked ham, mustard, mixed salad, tomatoes, mayo

decent but unremarkable

had a great big lovely choc chip cookie with a cup of tea for afters


tempted to have another tbh


V unsure about that mains/sides combo pal

I’m limited by i) what the canteen was serving and ii) what they haven’t put milk in for no reason