Are we going for an evening thread?

Hi. Look at all these empty gin bottles I have floating around (and used wet wipes)


What the bloody heck is happening here

no point. the site’s fucked.


I went on tinychat briefly

Absolutely fine for me

yeah it’s totally normal for some people. dunno why.

  • Site looks fine to me
  • Somehow I can see this poll even though the site is borked

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As long as we keep chatting everything will be ok.



I replied and then the posts appeared, but before then everything was broken.

Also I can’t just hit ctrl+reply to reply…

Ive been in the cinema for the last few hours and now I’m soooo confused



Can you imagine I’ve made a joke here about the complexities of the plot of some current film?

I don’t doubt it, I just can’t see it because of the site going wrong, right?

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Alright mates?

Site is fine for me. Gonna cook some rice for leftover stew and then BOOK FLIGHTS FOR THE BIG MADGE

on mobile you need to reply to a thread for the other replies to show up, on desktop you only need to hit the reply button, wait for it to load, then abandon reply (or post something)


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Hello eveningers. Doing a pork stir fry thing tonight and it will invariably come out pretty meh as most story frys(ies?) do. Christmas cake for pudding, obviously.

HUKD sorted me out with loads of gift cards for Chili so might watch Cold Wat again.

I have a hole in my pocket and as a result a tissue has ended up travelling about two thirds of the way down my leg. It’s not far down enough to retrieve, so it just looks like I have a lumpy shin.