Are we having a Saturday thread then? Looks like we are now!

Good morning all :wave:

Hope you are all well and rested? Plans for the day?

Not too much planned here. Going to get up, have breakfast, wander down to the woods in the frost, give the rabbit enclosure a clean (not a euphemism) then SSPP for dinner. Might watch Klaus as it’s supposed to be good.

Best wishes to Retail DiS. You’ve got this.


Morning all.

Went for work Christmas drinks yesterday afternoon, so of course I woke up at half 6 this morning convinced I’d left my laptop in the pub. Obviously hadn’t but that’s brains for you isn’t it?

The weather forecast thing on my laptop is telling me its snowing heavily here. It’s actually just grey and raining. Bastard.

Got to do present wrapping and buying this morning as going to a family meet up and present swap at my brother’s this afternoon. I am not convinced I have everything I need to wrap everything so I’m probably going to have to go out in that rain at least twice this morning, to walk the dog and go shopping.

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Hello, I am at work. Nobody else is here today and I’m very much enjoying it that way.


Morning! Feel rubbish…end of term temperature and headache/coldy.

Still, going to take dog up the field, have a nap, watch some telly I guess.

Klaus is very good…watched it last week.

Morning much more rested than yesterday but still a bit dehyrdated.

Spending all day on couch yesterday as made my sciatica bad so gonna get out, maybe some baked goods

Supposed to be going for our Xmas meal tomorrow but gf has covid so :frowning:

In-laws coming for an early Christmas dinner so I don’t have to drive to Essex. They’re bringing two extraneous family members with them and only told us this morning. Off out to buy more food. I R K E D.


Wanted to sleep more but these days once I’m awake I can’t get back to sleep.

Today I am going into town to do some Christmas shopping. Will make a nice breakfast first.

@Slicky hope you haven’t got the dreaded lurgy! GWS.


There’s 3 6-year-olds in the other room debating religion. “God sends angels sigh …i…i dont know how! NO ONE KNOWS. Maybe catholics know”.

Me and the cat are under the duvet still. Time for toast.


Was supposed to be going to Brighton v West Ham in the womens FA Cup with my daughter, but the pitch is frozen.

Was supposed to be going to see Idlewild tonight, but the trains aren’t running (solidarity with the strikers, though, obviously).

So, erm, an unexpectedly very quiet day.

Can’t be arsed to get up. Probably will though

Hiya! Busy day ahead, currently at my godmum’s having Nutella on toast, then we’re off to visit my stepdad’s parents’ grave, pick up his uncle and do a flying Christmas present drop off for my cousin. Then back to East Sussex. Knackerrrrred

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Real nice sunrise here in good old Rutland



No plans today, other than my parents coming up to visit with a lasagna this afternoon and me doing the first of 6 x 12hr Nightshifts for Christmas this evening.

The leftover jelly and ice cream that’s been left out for 17 hours in the kitchen is still frozen :upside_down_face:


Chill at mums and cuddle the cat, and decide if I have the energy to rush back into town for an early afternoon group hangout before everyone disperses for Christmas

Then back to mine to tidy up and get ready for a good ole horror hangout night

Gonna have another ten minutes :sleeping:


Played this 1993 sexual trivia game last night, it hasn’t dated well. I lost ten orgasms and got sent to jail because I was caught soliciting.


GENERAL QUESTION is a very prosaic spot to land on


Hi - just panic bought my parents Xmas gifts on the John Lewis website - took about 10 minutes, recommend

Going to have coffee and breakfast, a bit of Xmas shopping for the kids after that. Meeting a friend later but I think I’ve boxed it off to a quick drink or coffee, still not feeling very sociable ATM

Football was called off so going for a run instead. Going to the evening do of a wedding later, might do some Christmas shopping in between