Are we observing the two minutes silence on DiS?

Just thought I’d ask

Ask again at 11.01am and you’ll have your answer.

can we use this thread to post the weird and bizarre photoshops that inevitably appear on (not even on) facebook…


Christ that’s bad


Looks like that wolf’s carried the poppy in its mouth all the way to the precipe, only to triumphantly cast it into the abyss.

Show some respect.

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He’s launching it into the sky. It’s propelled by helium balloons and will drift solemnly over the canyon. Have some fucking #respect

Shadow always knows

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This was hours ago

Can someone photoshop the Balonz baloon to be the floating poppy?

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The answer to your question Jordan was no, apparently.


good. now can you do one where the dog is being carried to dog-heaven in balonz’ welcoming basket?

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My word.

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I wasn’t intending to there are people in here who probably were but I think have forgotten about it and are talking about making tea lol