Are we still chewing gum these days?

  • it’s absolutely mint
  • ee by gum no

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Never been a gum chewer. Every six months or so I might impulse buy some at a till thinking it’ll be good for my teeth or something, then I have a couple of pieces, and the rest of the pack ends up at the bottom of my bag only to be pulled out a year later, all covered in fluff.


got some extra in my mouth right now.

keeps me kissable fresh


Same and same




It’s the only way of hiding the fact that I may have had a casual cigarette.




Wrigglies still in the gum business?


We built this island on chewing gum.


Same and same and same


airwaves or nothing.

extra is for dogs.


i think of airwaves users as the always-ill kids at school



  • Yes, this is what I call chewing gum
  • I’m a massive tory

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(I put my shrivelled apple next to it because I wanted an excuse to show it off)


accurate in my case


or just “chud”


well this is oddly satisfying


Yeah abbreviations are accepted


i also always had ink from a burst pen in my shirt pocket if that helps the mental image


this is heartbreaking