Are YOU a creep?


I’m pretty creepy, tbh.

Following on from this.


No. I have drums


OOOOOOH sub-thread poll: Who is the creepiest musician?

  • Guitarist
  • Bassist
  • Drummer
  • Singer
  • Other (please specify)

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triangle player


I am a

  • Creep
  • Weirdo
  • What hell am I doing here?

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Jimmy Page was a guitarist.

this is by and large why I’m going with that option.


I make my skin crawl!


Like the Surinam Toad?


definitely have been creepy in the past but I was also 14 at the time so I don’t give myself too much of a hard time over it


what is the definition of creepy?




other: keyboards


Idk @ttf, how would you define it?


I’ve been known to do a bit of Facebook stalking in my time, yeah.


I get this reference


Hmm, I would say there are three varieties
i) benevolent creepy, being a bit too into someone but never making them aware or uncomfortable by it (probably am guilty of this)
ii) malevolent creepy, not caring making people uncomfortable
iii) moving very slowly to avoid being noticed


I tend to creep around my flat in order to not wake anyone up, I like the peace and quiet.


According to some inconsequential cunt in that thread I am? Seems weird.

There are some pretty questionable people here with some creepy as fuck actions tbh. For the most part I try to give some people the benefit of the doubt on here as so many seem to have genuine social anxiety, but more and more it’s seeming that they are just creepy.


Option 3 has done me


Any guy on here who thinks he hasn’t been considered creepy by someone else at least once in his life is fooling himself, TBH.

I can’t really say about women being creepy in any significant numbers.