Are YOU a creep?


probably meant benign rather than benevolent


as a member of the social anxiety crew, this makes me anxious


Can’t argue with that.


This is a jokey, lighthearted thread FYI


bit creepy tbh


That link says ‘sorry you don’t have access to that topic’ - is that what happens when a thread gets removed?


Yeah I’m getting the same. Presumably it’s been deleted


rate myself like 3/10 creep. pretty much fancy everyone here.


@scout it’s been moved to ‘The Lounge’ which is a board only accessible by ‘Leaders’. I hadn’t actually thought of doing that, clever work by the mover, who may not want to be known.

Anyway, the content still exists if we need it for some reason.

Nothing wrong with a thread about creepiness but let’s just bear in mind a bunch of people on here have been direct victims of abuse by other members on here so let’s not speculate. They’ve generally left for good or been banned so often they gave up.

And feel free to speak up if you’re concerned that someone on here is actually trying stuff on. If you mute someone from your settings they shouldn’t be able to send you personal messages but equally if you’re getting dodgy messages from a stranger you should let the mods know because it’s not on and they should be banned.


Chill out Theo, you aren’t judge dredd pal






Good question.

What the hell are we doing here?


Remember my amazing carcrash of a thread called something like “Perves on DiS” from many moons ago? I tried to find it now but couldn’t. Only found this follow-up thread which indicates it might have been deleted, but there’s more than one actual perv/creep in this thread as well, lol.


How can we be sure!?


what happened in the thread?


Dudes. I’m sorry for continuing to make a big joke of this. The old thread that I just mentioned that I couldn’t find in the archives was literally me telling some creepy people off after some unpleasant experiences of my own – I’ve had my share over the years and while it’s fine to make fun of my own experiences it’s really not my place to make light of anything that’s happened to anyone else.

In fact, sorry for this whole thread. Feel free to close it or delete it or whatever, mods.



think i am a bit, always stare at really good looking people and at couples kissing in public