Are you a Geriatric Millenial?

Yes I am!

Millennial in the streets, geriatric in the sheets (no)


In the sense that I fit within the age range? Yes

In the sense that it’s all a load of bum wee? No


Maybe someone can start a “Things that Geriatric Millennial like” and everyone can pile on pointless and equally vague and unkind stuff.


I agree with the tweet that said, exasperatedly, “the word ‘Xoomers’ was right there!”

Also grateful that the article linked me to a definition of cheugy and I can confirm that I am definitely not cheugy :sunglasses:


I think it’s bollocks. Can’t even be bothered to get into why.

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Hate the term ‘geriatric’.

Alright grandad, calm down

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I remember being in the hospital when my son was born and the nurse using the term ‘geriatric pregnancy’ and I nearly choked on my tea.


Now, wait a minute. There’s already been a sweet spot allocated, between millenials and boomers, and that’s held by us Gen Xers


The forgotten generation - when will we ever get our due :weary:


How much do you think the Telegraph are spending to get these articles into the ‘Trending’ column on twitter? I guess it makes sense for them if it helps to split Millennials and Gen-Z into smaller and smaller groups who hate each other.

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This comment is very, very cheugy

I don’t know what that means and I’m not finding out


The worst generation if Jeremy Gilbert is to be believed.

Xennials are described as having had an analog childhood and a digital young adulthood

No, I’m a zennial.

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Have we had a cheugy thread yet?

I’m Generation X, which is the coolest sounding of them all lets be honest.

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That Generation X novel by Douglas Coupland

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  • Ok
  • Shite

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Well, this millenial is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic, it’s apparently geriatric…

Why it’s Greased Lightning!

no, gtfo with this clickbait nonsense.