Are you a Geriatric Millenial?

Well, this millenial is automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic, it’s apparently geriatric…

Why it’s Greased Lightning!

no, gtfo with this clickbait nonsense.

D-Generation X > Generation X

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A quick google tells me that’s wrestling related. I will refrain from commenting further :wink:


Yeah probably a good option tbf :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I was born in '78 so I’m two years too old to fit into a category with ‘geriatric’ in the name. Huh.

Someone do a proper poll I cbf on mobile

  • I cbf
  • On mobile

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if someone tells me the year i was born in means i am then so be it.

Read it at the time - liked it as I was young and working a “McJob” - although I was actively envious of their lifestyle as they all had their own apartments (rather than having to share) and hung out round a communal pool every night

Got a 2nd hand copy from a charity shop (sale bright pink edition I read at the time) , gonna reread soon as it’s quite short. It will be interesting to see how it reads now

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I am a Generic Millennial

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Generation X, generation strange, sun don’t even shine through my windowpane, so says the noted philosopher Frederick Durst. I was born in 86 but I feel a lot of the stuff from the article, but what I mostly feel is that this is just unhelpful gumf from the Telegraph


I identify primarily as the lady version of a Wife Guy, with a Very Online rising so I guess whichever bracket can encompass my multitudes


On Google image search the first result for ‘Generation X’ is this


Breakfast Country, New Rolls


That one seems a few years out.

Gen Alpha: 2012 -
Gen Z: 1997 - 2011 (9 - 24)
Millennials: 1981 - 1996 (25 - 40)
((Xennials: 1977 - 1985))
Gen X: 1965 - 1980 (41 - 56)
Boomers II (Generation Jones): 1955 - 1964 (57 - 66)
Boomers I: 1946 - 1954 (67 - 75)
The Silent Generation: 1925 - 1945 (76 - 96)
The Greatest Generation: 1910 - 1924 (97 - 111)


Boomers II: The Bloodening

These dates are so weird, like what does a 9 and 24yo have in common, same with a 25 and 40yo, they’re so far apart

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Help yourself to a Blue Riband from the tin, I only just bought a new pack from the little shop on the corner


there’s a millennial expert on antiques road trip