Are you a good judge of character?

I don’t think I am or ever have been.

I think I am, yeah

  • I am a good judge of character
  • I am not a good judge of character
  • I am an average judge of character

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Is there a secret to it?

If it’s just paying attention that might be a problem

I have realised over the years that I really am not. I’m better than I used to be, but fundamentally I get caught up on stuff which shouldn’t matter. Probably all stems from self-esteem issues if I’m being honest.

Depends on the character

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I think the only secret is saying stuff like “I think I’m a pretty good judge of character” every now and then. Not like anyone is going to find out wither way eh


lol that is true!

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight


Somebody says or does something you disagree with. How do you normally react? :

  • (A) doubt myself and my opinions of others (i.e. I might be misreading)
  • (B) confident in my opinions of others (i.e. they are wrong!)
  • First (A) then (B)
  • First (B) then (A)

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I’m an awful judge of character, I think everybody is nice

You haven’t got an option for wild oscillations between the two.

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Great judge of character: assume everyone is fucking dire and am rarely wrong. When I am we become great mates.

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I live for that feeling of grim satisfaction you get when someone you don’t like but can’t quite explain why (usually a famous person) outs themselves as a wrong’un.


If anything I’m TOO good of a judge of character


I think the best of others unless they prove otherwise so until someone does something I can’t tell. Sometimes the telling signs are immediate, sometimes not. It isn’t a particularly efficient way of judging characters


best way to avoid becoming cynical and bitter though!

have yet to receive my Judge Of Character proficiency badge


I guess a good litmus test is:

Have you ever chosen a terrible friend/partner? If so then maybe you’re not as astute as you thought you were