Are you a grass?

Where do you draw the line?

Teenagers on the street corner smoking wacky backy?
Some guy making plans to nuke the sun?

At what point do you consider something bad enough that someone else needs to know?

only grass on tories


Snitches get stitches

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only ever called the police after I was held at gunpoint which I feel is a fair line to cross.


Dunno, probably keep it to hurting people or animals or like nicking shit off individuals. Or maybe inconveniencing me in any shape or form. Or looking at me funny.

Kind of want to complain to R’s preschool about parents smoking outside in the mornings and hope they can guilt them into stopping. There isn’t much space to wait if you are there early and I don’t really want secondhand smoke for me or my toddler.

Does that count as grassing?

Let me put it this way: those who grass are the ones who haven’t yet met the lawnmower.

as a smoker myself, unfortunately, yes.

I got called into the headmaster’s office to grass up my pals after they trashed the PE changing rooms. No idea why the rugby coach thought I’d do that. I gave it the “I didn’t see nuffink (because I didn’t have my glasses on)” routine until they got exasperated and let us all go.

So I reckon I’d hold up pretty well under e.g. waterboarding.

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But surely in this situation you could wait five minutes until you have dropped your kid off so you are not subjecting a crowd of toddlers to your smoke?


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Nobody wants to do watersports with you no matter how hard you try.

As a smoker, I think it’s completely fair game to someone to ask you to be considerate about where you’re smoking (2 exceptions - my garden, pub smoking area). Wouldn’t have a tab near a school anyway obvs



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Piss off/on


Take it to the Harry Potter thread ffs!

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A burglar or mugger who targets people with hardly anything to lose? They deserve whatever they get. Someone nicking food from the supermarket? I didn’t see it happen.