Are you a hiker?


Do you partake in the hiking?


I like a hike


I like a liker who hikes


I’m a LOATHER who hikes *
in neither loafers nor Nikes **

* occasionally
** I learned my lesson


I’m a speed hiker. I refuse to enjoy my surroundings.


Oh the grand old Duke of York
His other name was Len
He speed hiked up to the top of the hill
and he speed hiked down again


I also refuse to enjoy poetry, i’m sorry.

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You can’t stanza it?


I like a hike when the surroundings suggest it

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Had a good hike today lads. Some of my fave pics…


Yes I hike often.

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what’s the difference between a walk and a hike again?


gotta wear a backpack for a hike?

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I used to be quite the hiker but health stuff means I can’t do much any more. >:c


sorry to hear that, hope it doesn’t bother you too much/often

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Thanks, it’s frequently depressing but such is life in a country with awful health care. I do what I can, when I can. :slight_smile:


hope you can get better and fairer healthcare for everyone soon! If you are really struggling there is a DiS Rainy Day Fund which might be able to help you a little bit, sorry I’m pretty broke or I would like to help.


No, no, I’m not looking for money, sorry if my post came across that way! I’m dealing with a fun mix of lifelong issues coupled to more recent issues and can’t use my hands very well or walk or stand much. I do finally (finally!) have insurance through work and the worst of the issues are being addressed but it’s slow-going and I’m not young.

Sorry, I didn’t intend to be a downer in a fun thread about hiking! There are lots of places to hike in my immediate area, with the Berkeley and Oakland hills right nearby. San Francisco is practically all hills, of course, and Marin County has Mt. Tampalpais (lived at the foot of when I was a toddler) and other areas for lovely hikes and also gentler walks, such as Muir Woods. There are also stair-climbs that folks like to do for general exercise and learning about different neighborhoods and, for more serious hiking, we have the Sierra range and Yosemite. All great hiking and camping spots!


Love a good hike, happy to hear some hike recommendations.


nah you’re fine, you are welcome to talk about whatever you like. I know you weren’t specifically asking for money just saying there is support here for people, I’m sorry you are having to deal with these issues and bless you for engaging on this topic in spite of your current situation.

I gotta go now and get supper so have a nice day/evening/whatever time it is at the moment :slight_smile: