Are you a hugger?

Ace at hugging me giving and receiving

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used to know a guy who did ultra marathons and stuff and hugging him was like hugging a boulder. simply too solid, unpleasant.

However my brother in law is widely renowned for his amazing hugs, people who’ve met him once still reminisce about the time he hugged them. I think that’s a nice thing to be known for.

have a couple of friends who are huggers and i enjoy a hug with them. i would never initiate a hug with anyone else though

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Yeah I’m actually on Oxford Road right now offering Free Hugs

Prove it

here i am


Prefer the headlock and noogie really

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Depends. Hug close pals and family, can’t stand it when someone i’m not especially familiar with is encroaching.

I say that, I’ve probably hugged most disers I’ve met. But we’re all a big family, obviously.