Are you a jogger or a geogger?

  • I like jogging
  • I like geoging (geography)
  • I like dogging (please don’t vote for this option)
  • None of the above

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Is this about The Killers again?

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No because I used the word “a”

I’d like to give dogging a try before I write it off entirely



In that order


I’d quite like to shag someone in a car with folk watching but I don’t like the idea of putting my knob where other folks dirty knobs have been.



The thing about dogging is you have no say on the viewership

If I could guarantee it was all sexy babes and hunks, great

If it’s Geoff in his stained mac, not so into it

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Think I’m just too gangly and not flexible enough for it to be fun in a car. Get me a converted van with a double bed in the back and we’ll talk

I sold something on eBay earlier. Flogger.

(lol what a typo)

I’ve got a mate with a hearse.

Feels like it’d be disrespectful

I wouldn’t care who was watching tbh as long as they couldn’t touch me and I couldn’t smell them.

Leave your windows up then

Met someone who does GeoHacks a few months ago, she seemed cool and was nice to meet an architect of Internet phenomena in real life

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Geogger 4sure. 4 sure.