Are you a keyboard shortcut wanker?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Without alt-tab I would never have stayed in a job for more than a week


Always found the Windows+D combination useful at work.


I used to be, now I struggle with all that young person stuff. 37 and I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. Someone visit me in the home.


I am more of a ‘close tab with middle mouse button’ wanker, can’t get enough of that.

although it comboes well with ctrl+shift+t

Where’s my tab


Felt like Mr. Computer when I discovered Windows+L, but otherwise I can’t be bothered with that life.

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Absolutely. Makes old people (i.e. anyone over the age of 35) think you’re an absolute be wizard.

Got a tiling layout in Linux that can be entirely controlled by keyboard shortcuts, for fun :nerd_face:

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Seeing someone copy and paste using right click menus is physically painful.

I don’t say anything, obviously, just quietly write that person off forever.


what’s the fun one where you can turn the screen upside down? Used to be fun doing that to people

something and arrow keys

Sometimes I use Alt-F4 in online games to boost my performance

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should have a list of cool shortcuts in this thread imo

Ctrl - Windows Key - Arrow keys = minimising and maximising windows (just learnt this one which is exciting)

Win+E for a new a explorer window is surprisingly good


I can auto pilot a lot better with keyboard shortcuts. I’m also way more productive whilst working on a phonecall

Mouse is for suckeres once you learn to tab around the screen

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didn’t know that one either, thank you for your service

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Windows + direction to set up your screen perfectly whilst normals drag and drop stuff around like fools

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Win+Q for a search prompt, can use it as a sort of application launcher. Useful for stuff that’s buried in sub menus like Calculator or Character Map

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quite like ctrl+enter in word (page break)

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