Are you a keyboard shortcut wanker?

love me some Character Map

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have you turned off Sticky Keys?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What?

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The thought of having to find where things are buried in menus in photoshop and click on them gives me the shudders. A lot of basic things are buried in obscure places.

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Struggling tbh as I’m using my brothers old macbook with windows and the shortcuts don’t work properly. I tried to print screen the other day and could not figure it out at all but thankfully remembered the snip tool which did the job

Shortcuts are fine, until you’re using a piece of software that has a completely different set of them for basic functions like copy and paste, or undo.

That sounds agonising. I had an old PC that must have been fucked with viruses but the start bar just disappeared at one point. Awful

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Discovered Ctrl+Delete, deletes full words in Word last week.

Always a Win+L though

Remember people at school in the computer centre saying that Alt F4 gives you the rocket launcher in Quake! :frowning:

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Rembwr when people in offices started learning how to turn displays upside down.

This thread has made my day!

ctrl shift + increases font size in Word
ctrl shift - decreases font size in Word
shift F3 changes highlighted text to capitals in Word
alt 0186 is the degrees symbol º

Always surprised to find that - in the year 2020 - there are still people who are awestruck by the use of keyboard shortcuts.

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Recently had an operating system upgrade to Win 10 at work and now excel keyboard shortcuts are incredibly slow, to the extent that I have time to wistfully rue having unthinkingly pressed alt, h, s, f to apply/remove filters, and would have been much faster using the mouse. Used to be virtually instantaneous with the shortcuts, and I’ve loads of actions where the shortcuts are very engrained in my mind and I can’t even think where to go in the menu.

Just yer basics, copy/paste, save, bit of select all if I’m feeling cheeky. Bold if I’m feeling bold.
Oh and undo where would we be without undo.

I’m currently rocking a Mac with a Windows laptop plugged in that I can’t figure out how to reconfigure the alt as command, so this is my life at the moment and I hate it


You’re dead to me

To you


This is going to revolutionise my day!

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Would love to see a dogfight scene in some space film where the plucky hero is hammering away at their laser trigger as a massive alien ship bears down on them, only for their whole windscreen to fill up with this image just before they get blown to smithereens.