Are you a mac or a PC?

probably done before, but i need to update my spreadsheet

  • Mac
  • PC
  • i’m a human LOL
  • Other Ubuntu/Linux/or something i don’t know

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fuck i forgot people can see the results so now everyone will hate me

sent from my ipad

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no fence-sitters, make a choice (i use both, but i’m definitely a PC)

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windows vista, purposely difficult


you can change your vote

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pick a side, man

I own a PC

I haven’t yet watched the Steve Jobs movie (Steve Jobs)

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Windows 10, slightly surprised at how ubiquitous OSX is becoming as a desktop.

PC + iPad
who am i

the american non-voter?

related: mac os x sierra is now available for download.

Anyone installed yet? I know I’ll resist for months (even years).

Thank you for carrying this through. Any update as to when the cull is scheduled for?

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midnight tonight, sean will announce the result at the DiS party

reassuring to see that us PCs have taken the lead, was worried for a second there

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I’m a human soooooo PC?


What os is theo running on these days?

my money’s on windows 10

“a marvel of computer engineering” - theo

Windows 7 on my work PC but quite used to Server 2012 now.

OS X on my unintuitive Mac Air. Never buying another of those.

Also run my music server on a Raspberry Pi running Linux. I’d take Linux over OS X