Are you a mac or a PC?


probably done before, but i need to update my spreadsheet

  • Mac
  • PC
  • i’m a human LOL
  • Other Ubuntu/Linux/or something i don’t know

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fuck i forgot people can see the results so now everyone will hate me

sent from my ipad


I need to select both but i cannot select both >:-(


no fence-sitters, make a choice (i use both, but i’m definitely a PC)


Oh in that case I’m a Mac.

If you’re a PC, what OS PC are you? MASSIVELY important question this


Clicked the wrong one


windows vista, purposely difficult


you can change your vote


pick a side, man


I own a PC

I haven’t yet watched the Steve Jobs movie (Steve Jobs)


Windows 10, slightly surprised at how ubiquitous OSX is becoming as a desktop.


PC + iPad
who am i


the american non-voter?


related: mac os x sierra is now available for download.

Anyone installed yet? I know I’ll resist for months (even years).


Thank you for carrying this through. Any update as to when the cull is scheduled for?


midnight tonight, sean will announce the result at the DiS party


reassuring to see that us PCs have taken the lead, was worried for a second there


I’m a human soooooo PC?




What os is theo running on these days?