Are you a part of something?

And do you feel like you’re a part of something? I wish I was a part of something but I don’t feel I’m a part of anything.

You see people who seem to be a part of something don’t you? Sorry for the bad threads.

not at all

hung out with some people on saturday night and kind of want to move to where they live and worm my way into their friendship group, to be a part of something

We are all part of a wonderful online community of friends x


Citizen of nowhere innit


Shrewbie don’t read this post

I’m part of the secret shrewbie fan club


I am a part of some things, and it’s nice, but also a lot of hard work in most cases

What’s yer hing?

A guild, yes.

Used to be The In Crowd, definitely.

Haven’t checked recently mind. Will report back.

Ooh, I am part of a guild too. Completely pointless, other than it made my grandparents happy, and they probably needed a few proles for diversity.

Aside from that: DiS (and the DiS rainny day fund committee), my family, an ESOL toddler and parent group (though I don’t talk much to others).