Are you a siestas person?

I always try to get an afternoon powernap in. 45 mins to an hour on the settee. Give the brain a bit of a reset, etc.

Can’t do it. Have trouble enough getting to sleep at nighttime let alone during the day


Very bad at napping. Takes me a long time to fall asleep and a long time to wake up. Massively envy those who can do it and wish them all the very best


Can’t nap, won’t nap

Fucking hate naps. Always feel worse after


can’t take daytime naps, they tend to make me a bit irritable

used to be too restless for naps but since I started taking anti depressants I’ve start to drift off as soon as I perch on my sofa. I like it

i’m on a siesta diet. i see esta, i eat it!


As soon as I sit down I fall asleep.

Dunno how people enjoy journeys and stuff like that, as soon as I get on a train or a bus I pan out within seconds.

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Man I wish I could do that. Cherish that talent, cherish it.

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I’m vehemently anti-nap. Takes ages to fall asleep at night let alone in the daytime and then I wake up feeling like a zombie for hours afterwards. Not worth it in the slightest.


Feeling worse after a nap is an alien concept to me.

didn’t used to be. as soon as I moved to Spain, I eased into it almost immediately without realizing though. something to do with the weird time zone messing your body clock up a bit/the heat/everything closing for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day.

recommend it, had one this arvo.


What time do people in Spain go to bed and get up, generally speaking? Does school, work, etc, still generally start at 8-9 like here? The idea of having a meal late pickles my head.

North Portugal more like! :wink: :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face:


school starts weirdly early at like 7:45 in some places, and people go to work a bit earlier too for some reason. but people go to bed really late too - like 12/1am is probably considered normal. again, think its because we´re an hour ahead and it get dark later. partly why the siesta exists too.

also, the main meal is generally eaten at lunchtime - more of a lunch equivalent at night for some reason. That´s the part I’ve never really adjusted properly to, especially since you’re not really up for a big meal when its 35 degrees out.

Absolutely bloody love daytime sleeping, but don’t do it all that often anymore. Always feel really groggy afterwards, takes me a good whole to recover.


Im both a siesta person AND a fiesta person.

Always have at least one nap a day. Sometimes two, maybe even three on a weekend. Usually have one straight after lunch if I don’t have any early afternoon meetings.

Lying in bed about to have a nap right now.

Destigmatise napping. It’s a completely normal thing for creatures to do. Reckon the world would be a better place if people had more naps.



The solution to this is immediate sugar hit.