Are you a siestas person?

Disaster if I fall asleep during the day usually. Waking up feeling filthy and groggy, won’t sleep at bedtime, that’s gonna have a knock on effect for a few days. No thank you.

Can sometime be an effective hangover cure though

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Had a nap earlier, bloody love a nap. Only have them when I need them though, once or twice a month I reckon. Usually mid to late afternoon I’ll realise I’m shattered and go and have an hour’s lie down. Sorts me right out.

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I used to be the same but the trick is to set an alarm for 35 mins. Any longer and you might go into deep sleep then feel worse waking

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When I lived in the South of Italy it was just necessary and very natural.

Typical work day was split in two for a lot of people - very early start, finish work at 1pm and then back to work at 6pm.

do not want

Fall asleep easily at night but takes a long time during the day and then I feel awful and more tired after. Rarely nap unless I’m really struggling to get through the day due to barely any sleep the night before. Prefer to power through if possible though

I started needing a bit of an afternoon nap a few years back and working from the sofa accelerated the trend a bit. Then in the middle of last year I started waking up from them with what I now know as focal aware seizures which later turned into full blown epilepsy, so although I still need and have fairly regular afternoon naps I now have a delightful sense of jeopardy about taking them.

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I was basically nocturnal living in Seoul in the Summer. Nobody is suffering in that great voluntarily…

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Love naps. Only get them at the weekend for shame. But that hour sofa sleep at about three is just bliss.

Can fall asleep anytime anywhere so that is not a problem

Naps are fantastic, as long as you don’t overdo it and sleep for four hours (which I regularly do)

Completely crashed out on the garden furniture the other day when I’d just exercised, eaten a big lunch and had the sun on me. Did feel weird for a bit afterwards but surrendering to it and being warmly paralyzed for an hour or so was wonderful. That’s my general nap rule, if it feels right then don’t fight it.

Went through a phase of having them most days a few years ago when I was working too hard, as part of a deliberate antiproductivity drive, and it steered me back to a much better mental state.

Hooray for sleep

Never did it until I moved to Lisbon and now I’m right in the habit. Had a beautiful one the other day, drifting in and out of consciousness, a cool breeze blowing in, thunder rumbling in the distance. Was well nice.


God I wish I was wfh so I could go nap rn