Are you a succinct person?

or do you go on and on and on just to make a small point?

  • Extremely succinct
  • Quite succinct
  • Average
  • A bit wordy
  • So this is a complicated question when you think about it because there are times when I will be succinct because it’s necessary, but you cannot underestimate the value of including the elements of your thought process in your communication. We’re generally not self-aware enough to be able to communicate in such a way that we can choose what’s most important in real time, so it’s better that we share everything that’s in our minds because that’s a more relatable human experience

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Just had my six-month review at work. This has been added as an additional goal for the end of the year after some feedback from the client.



Had to resist the urge to click the funny option. May I suggest your methodology is quite skewed? :wink:


Probably a lot more succinct than I think I am. In my head I ramble on and on and bore everyone every time I open my mouth.

Vary wildly between mood and audience.

I’m either fully to the point lets get this show on the road finger pointy man or now is my time for a quick 10 minute stand up bit in the meeting


Feels weird being so succinct

Well I certainly do succ

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I’m on a succeed diet, I suck seed and I eat it!


Whenever someone puts a comment in this format, I feel the desire to summon @The_Respected_User because I know how much he loves it

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Terrible at it :frowning:

I’m surprised there are so many verbose motherfuckers so far in the poll. Maybe it’s a common internet message board forum user trait?

The amount of times I’ve said “Does that make sense?” only for someone who knows me really well to go “not really, no”.

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It’s a fantastic way to do things


Hi Terry,
Yes agreed

Hi Kate,

Hi Ben,
Re point 2. This will be paid by us

Actual emails i sent this morning for some pretty important stuff.


Find writing things down even worse than speaking tbh. I’m off work next week (possibly 2 weeks) and have had to write out some processes for whoever is covering me and I found it impossible to fit my meandering and very unique-to-me routines etc into normal-length sentences so everything is really long.

This could have been one short sentence, idiot.

Short email I sent to my boss this morning (blurred as the content is sensitive)




Came back to my team “You’re not gonna believe the feedback I got in my review, I know this is going to come as a big surprise to you all but apparently, I use too many words when trying to say something.”

Got the big laugh as expected.