Are you a vegetarian?

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  • no

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I was food poisoned by myself last week - haven’t eaten meat since.

used to be, now i’m not

true story

Why did you go back to the dark side

Technically not. I love a bit of parmesan.

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wanted to lose weight and my diet was 90% pizza and pasta

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I count cheese in its nature as being vegetarian. So there.

Have we had the whole discussion about “vegetarians” who eat fish? That’s huge over here, at least. Which means every time I have to tell someone I’m a vegetarian for relevant food reasons, they assume I eat fish.

Yeah. Try to eat as little dairy as possible too but cave fairly routinely.
Also pay no attention to what I’m drinking :frowning: :beers:


Vegetarian, mostly vegan. Have been so for nearly 4 years, have only slipped because of the tiny ingredients lists on instant noodle packets.

I know, I just pretend not to


Vegan :seedling:


you’re gonna upset the vegans maaaan

How’d you find the switch? Pretty easy?

Vegan the majority of the time, make allowances when it’s food that would otherwise be chucked out (e.g. regularly eating other people’s leftovers like an actual pigman) or I’m feeling particularly lazy.

Also second the ‘never pay attention to what I’m drinking’ bit. Like any good self-hating liberal, I am a nest of contradictions.

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Yeah I was just meant to do a month to detox after being in america and eating a lot of crap but found it so easy that I stuck with it. I’d done a few months here and there of it in the past so had an idea of what to do from the off.

I haven’t stayed vegan for the last holiday I went on though but as I’m getting more into it, I think I would stay vegan on holiday from now on too and just have this diet full time.

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You can find veggie ‘parmesan’

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I mainly drink Beavertown cause I know the ones i like are vegan friendly

I’m not a vegetarian, technically.

veganism isn’t a ‘diet’