Are you a winker?

This tweet tickled and intrigued me.

I am not much of a winker.



I can’t really do it

Basically the sexiest gesture though, fully in support

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Can only wink with my right eye, not with my left. No idea why this might be.

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I am not.

I’ve been called an absolute winker a few times now, even by people who’ve never seen me do it, so I guess my prowess precedes me.


ouch GIF by mtv

opposite way around for me

i luv a gud wink


We must never meet, we’d cancel each other out and end the universe or something maybe.

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I’m a big winker. Do it a lot passing colleagues or even just strangers in corridors. I don’t think it’s weird or anything, hope not anyway

love to be winked at, makes you feel great


I cant wink. I just end up blinking and moving my head whenever ive tried. Im OK with this though.

I’m a great winker, but only with my right eye. When I try it with my left people ask if there’s something wrong with me.

Yes, but in the capacity of tricking children when I’m group tutoring younger kids and pretending something will happen but doing a wink to let the ones in on the secret that it isn’t true. The opportunity for any other type of winking is yet to present itself

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Rihanna No GIF


that didn’t work, it’s supposed to be rihanna doing a big blink instead of winking. anyway yeah i can wink, i like to do it for a lot of reasons, not least to seem like a big camp idiot

  • sexy
  • mischievous
  • sexy and mischievous
  • neither

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