Are you a worrier?

If so, what are you coping strategies for worrying about things that may or may not happen, awkward situations in the future etc?

Equally would love to hear from people who just seem to not worry much about anything and sail through every day as it comes. I’ve known a few people like this and it must be some kind of superpower.

If I have something on my mind I’m worried about I can’t derive pleasure from anything else until it gets resolved or goes away.

(I guess this could have gone into the general mental health thread but there we go)

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I’m not really a worrier and I am very grateful for this.

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is it something that comes naturally or did you have to work at/practice it?

Comes naturally really. There are worriers in my family but it’s bypassed my set of genes somehow.

I genuinely recognise my privilege here, I know people with worry and anxiety issues and really thank my lucky stars that I’m not one of them.

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Yes. It’s one of my most tangible characteristics I would say.

Age mellows it for sure, mainly due to the accumulation of experience which tells you that most of the things you worry about aren’t really that bad.

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I’m really pleased for you! It’s probably the most valuable and greatest talent you can have.

waiting for a phone call is usually the worst trigger.

Like I can hear the sound of the phone ringing in my mind even when it’s not, sometimes to the point that I mistakenly think it has been ringing for a few seconds.

It’s certainly good for my mental health.

I don’t mean that I never worry I just don’t feel like I’m plagued by irrational worry.

Like I’ll worry that I’ve offended someone on occasions or I’ll worry for a short while that I’ve triggered a speed camera or something but it always feels in proportion and not out of hand.

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I have gone through periods of worry in the past and found that, ultimately, there’s no point. And generally I’ve found that things have a way of working out for the best


Very true. I can make the rational step of acknowledging that but it doesn’t translate to my emotions really.

A-a-a-ah-ah, are you a worrier? killer? slicin’ shit like a samurai?


I don’t worry about stuff as a general rule but then certain things make me very anxious.

I think I am good at applying the worrying isn’t going to change anything mindset…and don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet idea, but appreciate that it’s much easier to say than do for lots of people.

Also, distraction!

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While I’d agree that there’s no point in worrying when you can’t affect the outcome of something, I can’t get behind the notion that things have a way of working out for the best - that’s just luck, surely?

I can worry a bit but I am excellent at putting things out of my mind as well. I have no tips on how to do this other than think about other stuff.


If you believe in luck…
I’m a natural optimist which I think helps too.

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you’re like a superhero!

:joy: ikr

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think of all the shit you could achieve as an optimist!

I don’t mean luck as in a magical force.

I’ve been lucky and unlucky plenty of times but it’s just chance really. No one can count on luck as a resource.

Yeah, loads. For me it’s preempting catastrophe, disappointment or terminal illnesses. Shit sucks