Are you a

  • Grey ticker
  • Blue ticker
  • u wot m8

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Bum licker

A great icker or a bloot icker? What?

Dickie tickerrrr



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Takes a set of titanium bollocks to traverse the world as a blue ticker and still not have any anxiety about replying or people knowing youve seen their message

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Alternatively you could just not care or have considered it. I only just learned that grey tickers were a thing.

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How do you become a grey ticker? Feels dishonest to be honest.

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do you just swipe away the notification and never ever open the conversation?

i have people on messenger where my messages to them just show as unread for days at a time even though they’ve been online since. would absolutely do my head in having apps sitting there showing numbers beside them all the time. unless they’ve muted them i guess.

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No because that’s bad and I’m not evil.

(not you of course, but the collective You.)

sometimes you read the message in the notification and can’t be arsed entering the chat bc there’s no need

My friend is a grey ticker. You can change your settings so there is no ‘read receipt’ (the blue ticks) I asked him about it and he said it’s so he can pretend he hasn’t seen messages from work.

forgot you can do that on whatsapp. iirc, you can spot these people because it also doesn’t tell you what time they were last online

still doesn’t explain the dangerous psychopaths on messenger though

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Blue tickers give me so much anxiety. Grey tickers give me even more anxiety than blue tickers.


I think the online thing is separate.

Don’t show when I was last online. Okay, but you’re not allowed to see when anyone else was last online.

Turn off read receipts. Okay, but you’re not allowed to get read receipts.

Big decisions in the WhatsApp game.

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Oh dear!!

No idea.
Not even sure what my own settings are with regards to that.

is this the thing about being a celebrity on twitter?

Can’t quite believe so many of you are legitimately famous/important