Are you allowed to put cigarette lighters in your checked luggage on planes?

(‘checked’ meaning the big luggage they take off you when you arrive).

It’s with British Airways.

I’m going to Budapest with my parents tomorrow and they don’t know I smoke (there’s a balcony in the place I’m staying so I’m gonna do it late at night). But I won’t be able to buy one when I’m there as I’m never out of their sight on holiday (as I’m a manbaby).

Should I take my lighter, or is this a bit risky? Or do you reckon there’ll probably be a lighter/matches or something at the place?

I mean I’ve done this before, but I usually spend the plane journey paranoid I’m not gonna get my suitcase back, even though in all cases I have.

What should I do?

Apparently you can have a lighter ‘on your person’ but what does that mean in terms of going through the security checks? Do you just put it on the tray with all your other things? Because I don’t want to risk my parents seeing it. Or could I put it inside my wallet or something?

from what i remember from my smoking days, you have to have it in your hand luggage or ie in your pockets or whatever, not in your big luggage. hand luggage should be fine.

That’s weird because I always thought it was the other way round. And weirdly I’ve done it and got away with it.

The website says you can carry a lighter ‘on your person’, but I’m petrified that when I go through security and put it on the tray that goes through the x-ray with my wallet and phone and things, they’re gonna stop the conveyor belt and say “you can’t take this with you”, in front of my parents. Or they’re gonna say “don’t put this in your bag, keep it on your pocket”, in front of my parents.

just leave them for 30 seconds to go to a newsagents


I think technically you’re supposed to put them in the clear plastic bag as they contain liquids, but I’ve got away with (inadvertently) not doing that before.

Anyway, what Icarus said.

Or make up an excuse for having a lighter which you’d find less embarrassing. Like being an arsonist or something.


Just fyi they do know you smoke


I’ve always been through with one in my pocket/hand luggage and it’s been totally fine. Never been pulled up on it.

I’d probably be more concerned with sneaking a late night cig on the balcony if you’re worried about being caught.

You know, people can smell the smoke on you. So unless you’ve been to a bar full of smokers, your parents will know you’ve been smoking. They’re just saving your embarrassment and/or waiting for you to be grown up about it.

Don’t worry about it they don’t know you smoke. Ffs this thread. Typical dis brand of glee I can’t put my finger on.

Lighter goes in coat pocket which goes through scanner at security. Security will see your lighter in the X-ray (and not care) your parents won’t.


TBF you’re never too old to try to avoid grief from your parents.


Edit: what Icarus said.

are you 14?!


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First sentence of the OP has really tickled me for some reason

Buy one of those lighters shaped like a bullet and put it in your suitcase.

They also like it when you pretend there’s a bomb in your case, gives the customs folks a big old laugh when their day gets a bit boring

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Yeah but I’m a light smoker and I always have lynx on me to get rid of the smell.

They’ll probably see you using Lynx as a bigger disappointment.


Chuck in a box of matches instead? You can say you’re mad into candles if you get caught.

weird how a few swigs of water is a terrorist threat but a lighter is fine

Get one of these bad boys. They won’t know it’s a lighter and let you through.