Are you allowed to put cigarette lighters in your checked luggage on planes?

Just give up smoking, man. It’s a good opportunity to cold turkey it.

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Smoking is bad for you.



In a hotel room once about the age of 16, I didn’t smoke. My mum comes in for a bit with my sister, she happens to open a drawer in which there is an ash tray full of cigarette butts. It was fun trying to persuade her that they weren’t mine.

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You’re going to be arrested for terrorising if you try to take a lighter on a plane, so, you know, look forward to JAIL.

His mum. Classic double bluff.


Dunno, either whoever was staying the room before me or the cleaner I guess.

Man I miss smoking so much. I want to go back to Cuba and smoke cigars all day.

Particularly if you’re only a light smoker anyway

Is that the only time? Woah.


I made it through security :slight_smile:

Was scary though. And yeah I’m sure my parents do know I smoke, I’d just rather not tell them because psychologically that would be awful.

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If you can’t tell them that you smoke, imagine what it must be like for a kid to tell their parents that they’re gay…

Are you saying that being gay is worse than being a smoker?

Sadly, to many parents it still is. Not to me.

Well I don’t even use Linx. I usually just buy whatever cheap stuff they have in Boots. I thought Linx would be more relatable to DiSers so I said that instead.

My mum says I’m cool

when i told my mum it turned out she’d known for years, think most parents do