Are you allowed to write to a prisoner unsolicited?


I’m sending your Mum a valentines card so I’m hoping you can

I find this offensive.



Yes you are, but you have to hide the letter in a cake.

wait until she shows you the card

I doubt you’ll get arrested for doing so, so go for it.

I don’t think Rolf will sign your copy of Aerial, no.

the solicitor will be very angry!

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carving out a niche as the king of the guilty Rolf-lols there J!

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FYI, it refers to this. I would like to buy/send him some books.

OVER-RULED, take him away and bang him up

Oh fuck I forgot I posted that story a couple of days ago!

insert “hasn’t he suffered enough” joke here.

is it this chap?

Hell of a story if so

Didn’t one of the all-time great serial killers (Brady possibly) end up marrying someone who started writing to him?

Tom Brady is evil for sure, but I don’t think he’s killed anyone.


I think it could well be. He’s also seemingly written intermittent Spectator articles over the last 10-15 years also:

What do you want to write to this armed robber turned Baroque aesthete?