Are you an innovator or an improver?

Hmm, tough one

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Same, I’m aware of being draining but try to mitigate it (cba sometimes though)

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Radiator but quite a low-wattage one. I’m actually relentlessly positive and determined to find good outcomes, but I’m so tired and stressed a lot of the time that it occasionally shaded into grim determination

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  • Man of the moment
  • Man for the moment

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whichever one calling it horseshit is

I think we may be very similar people.

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I’ve got a real issue with the radiators!
If you are thinking of setting up a new business or something, ask a radiator and they will be all like

‘yes go for it! Live your dream!!! Woooo :partying_face:

Ask a drain and they’ll be all ‘hmm… isn’t that quite a competitive market :thinking:’ or something

6 months later you’ve lost everything cos you’ve taken the radiators positive yet totally naive advice to set up a business that was always doomed to failure, but it’s the drains who get the bad reps!

That’s why it’s good for couples and partnerships to have one of both, you balance each other out

I’m not sure I really agree with the definitions tho

As with all of these definitions, they’re very glib and can’t fully describe a person. I’m cautious and risk-averse but definitely optimistic and positive. My partner is much more bullish, open to risk, prepared to jump into situations like you described, but also pessimistic in the extreme. You can’t capture a person in a word

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Yeah but the drains get all the

‘Way to spoil my dreams of opening my dog skydiving business! Thanks for the negativity! :grinning:

And the non/thinking radiators get

‘Thank you for being so encouraging! :hugs: just quit my job! Yay!’

Poor drains!!!

I can be captured with the word


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