Are you an orphan?

This was posted on the Guardian a few weeks ago, an extract from this guys memoir:

In it talks about becoming an orphan at 25. When it was posted on the Guardian’s Facebook feed the other day, it received some pretty barbarous comments:

‘Sad but an orphan at 25?!’
‘You are not an orphan, you are a 25 year-old with dead parents.’

UNESCO defines an orphan as someone whose parents died before the age of 18. I am an orphan by this definition and am not a sociopath, so I don’t really mind the guy calling himself an orphan.

But it got me thinking, are there any other orphans on here? Say hello, maybe we can hold hands in a circle and cry together one day.

Don’t have any problem with him calling himself that and if you make a point to be angry about it then you probably have some issues.


i used to work with someone whose mum had died when she was in her teens and whose dad was still alive but hadn’t been involved with her upbringing and didn’t take over parenting duties when her mum died. she used to refer to herself as an orphan, which always seemed fair enough to me.


I’m a half-orphan so all the love and solidarity I can muster for anybody who has lost parents, you are strong and great people x