Are you an oversharer? 🗣

Hopefully I’ve put this in the right topic place :smiley:

Would you say you’re prone to oversharing? I definitely am. Apparently there’s links to doing it and neurodiversity, but I also think I’m just one of those people who doesn’t realise things I say would be considered a bit much until afterwards, or other people look awkward.

Sometimes it’s a good thing, like with doctors and that. I just don’t find it awkward if they ask questions like “and do you put things up your bum?” I just go “yeah, sometimes!” Honesty is always the best policy if possible in those situations. But then sometimes it’s not so good, obviously. Definitely overshare on here too.

But also, I’ve got one of those faces where strangers often overshare to me as well. Luckily for them I love it.

SO. Thoughts?

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Yes very much so

Only to people I feel comfortable doing it with though (like DISers )

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The evidence is right there in both the love life threads

About toilet stuff, yeah. Know it’s immature, but I’ve always found people announcing they’re going for a shite really funny.

Less so about sex stuff.

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Although I’ve been very restrained recently :zipper_mouth_face:

I’m an undersharer.


Yes. Although I try and do so in such a way people don’t have time to process all the information.

“So yeah, last night as I was blubbing my eyes out to Haatchi for the fifth time, I thought, why did I spend £50 on 2nd hand CDs last month?”


Literally the worst (best?) person in the world for this.
Will tell people literally anything even if I don’t know them.
Think I told @rich-t friends every thing I’ve ever done last week within 5 minutes of meeting them.



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Not necessarily about personal / sensitive stuff but I find myself telling people far too much about my life.


Not irl too much. Will happily talk about taboo things like wages and personal stuff, but within reason depending on the convo. Online, I’ll talk about whatever


I undershare on dis but only because I don’t wanna get told off

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same. happy to tel anyone about the exact food I ate, places I went and and things I saw each weekend but how I feel about life? no thanks! let’s keep it chipper!

Probably properly bored @grievoustim about my home life when I saw them a couple of weeks ago

No, you did not :grinning:

I distinctly remember chatting a lot of shit about it though

Not telling.

Probably. Not very good at judging how interested people are in what I’m saying (usually not very) and dislike silences so just tend to fill them.