Are you aware of when a fruit or veg is in season?

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Apples are bang in season atm, did you know that?

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In general no, but apples are autumnal aren’t they.

Asparagus spring, strawberries summer, apples autumn. Those are the ones I know.

Yeah, that’s why they begin with the letter ‘a’


going blackberry picking later #autumnalqueen


Satsumas Christmas


But yeah, gonna make a apple and blackberry crumble this weekend


Exciting couple of months for fruit and veg

Yer roots (turnips, squash, pumpkins)


Was thinking recently there are too many months that begin with J. Js worth 8 in Scrabble but it makes up like a quarter of all month starting letters. That’s too many. Instead June should be Strawbuary, and July should be Raspuary.

As an aside, n one seems to know when flat peaches are in season as they’re always hard one day and mouldy the next.


Andi Peters said on GMB that the recent UK heatwave has been good for strawberries. So we should get some cheaper ones in’t supermarket

Got a rough idea for some but not all, but apples are an easy one as I grew up in a house with an apple tree. Also there is one on my walk into town and I’ve been having to step over squashed apples the last few weeks.

parents have apple trees in their garden so I’m always aware of it being apple time

other than that, no

Could go an apple pie rn.

This is what we should all be eating for our tea tonight. And if you eat something not listed here you can fuck off.

couldn’t imagine containing my medlar consumption to a single month

Also known as the arsefruit!

Someone who isn’t me should set up one of those poll.l things…

Charming little boy on the allotment was earnestly telling me the other week that it’s very important to be able to tell the difference between a raspberry and a red blackberry

There are these white flesh nectarines at Sainsbury’s and i dunno when they’re in season but they are
a) hardly ever there and b) extraordinarily nice.

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