Are you barbecuing today?

If so, trying anything new? What are your bbq staples?

I’ll be making lamb koftas for the first time, hoping to recreate the delicious M+S ones (Tory). Will also be going in for Chinese spiced chicken wings and a few slices of chorizo.

Have some jerk chicken marinating, but its just started raining so hopefully it’ll clear up.

Really getting into BBQing is something that appeals to me but I can never really be bothered, much like brewing beer.

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I’m not, but there is a BBQ at the party I’m going to. Hoping for hotdogs and fried onions and hamburgers

It’s already clearing up in London, have faith!

No, as I live in Ireland, a famously BBQ unfriendly country.

I’m at work. We were on about possibly going round to the wife’s parents later and using their garden for one. Not sure if can be bothered though…

BBQ Technique:

  • Go round Dad’s via the Tesco up the road
  • Hand him some sausages, chickens and beeves
  • Pretend to be confused by the gas bottle
  • Wait for him to go “I’ll do it”
  • Drink all his beer and sit in the pool eating BBQ food

BBQ confirmed for this evening :smiley:

Just a shame its a gas BBQ, rather than one with charcoal and fire.

Thinly veiled posh disser…


It’s raining here, so no.


Nailed it, but with :bicyclist: tanlines

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We have a barbecue but no garden here. Barbecuing indoors is probably a bad idea.

BBQ will be fired up at half time!

He does live in Winchester :wink: