Are you clean?

I bet you’re not as clean as this lot.

These people live in another world to me.

I know you’re all busy people so just skip to the bit about cleaning the bog with your fingernails.

Imagine having that much time

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In her TV work, she has visited homes where sheets have been left unchanged for two months, and says the smell is disgusting.

a former housemate of mine didn’t wash his sheets during the entire yearlong tenancy.

don’t recall his room smelling of much tbh

don’t really care how filthy my house gets tbh

I’ve had a greggs yum yums box by my bed for about a month. I’ve put my ps4 controller in it cause the blue light was keeping me awake.


Some of these people are proper Spruce Moose.

Toilet brushes are pretty fucking minging, tbf.

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I mean every time you take a shit you’re eating little tiny bits of poo anyway who cares

makes me laugh how the instacleaners are allowed to chat shit about “germs” and stuff based on literary nothing but their own assumptions and preferences


Shoes indoors are gross

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Hate it when I visited my MIL’s house and need a :poop: because she doesn’t have any toilet brushes in her house. Gross.

Try not leaving skids, Skiddy McSkidderson.



You’re welcome.

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just get a bit of toiler paper, put your hand in the bowl and wipe it off


also the washing up gloves to clean the bog thing

The whole point of the bog brush is you can grab it and clean up the bowl straight away so it;s ok for the next person. Am I supposed to put on rubber gloves and get down on my knees every time I do a poo?

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Don’t really mind a skidded up toilet, something to aim at while you’re having a whizz.


That’s what I have to do. A brush is easier.

isn’t what you’re supposed to do with the brush is flush a second time with the brush under the water jets to clean the brush?