Are you cursed?

Let me tell you about my Final Destination summer so far.

  • A tree in the front garden fell down 2 metres in front of me at the start of summer.
  • Last week when I was walking to work a sink hole appeared on the opposite side where I was just about to cross.
  • I was invited to a press launch of a new/old pub but a car crashed into the pub taking out an entire wall and burst into flames that morning (same day as the sink hole incident)
  • Yesterday in the back garden I was putting out my washing and half of a HUGE tree fell about 8 metres from me. This definitely would have killed me

This is some quite extreme cursing and/or luck isn’t it. What will try to get me next?!


A bird has shat right in front of me twice in the last week.


I’m cursed with extreme amounts of sheer animal magnetism. It’s hard to get anything done.


mate, you need to stay away from trees


My Nan and granddad bought their house not realising a lady down the road wanted it for her daughter. Said old lady put a curse on the family who bought it, i.e. my Nan, and truth be told she and each generation since has been through the ringer. I’ve got a fear about the numbers 1 and 8 especially together as a result.

I think you need to flip that shit around! Rather than being cursed (which would have meant all these trees falling on you and you sinking) i think you may be #blessed and are very lucky :smiley:

But yeah, don’t get too close to any trees for a while ey


It’s pretty tricky where I live - a green conservation area. (Another fell in front of me a few years ago, reckon that’s my everyting comes in threes done though gets flattened by a tree this afternoon)

maybe i should bring a helmet :thinking:

ur a

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The real question is, who cursed you?

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Yeah, the one in the back garden is still largely standing but must be dead for so much of it to fall, so avoid that tree! (it’ll likely still be there when you come as they’ve still not removed the first one which fell months ago)

Almost certainly M’s dad

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Don’t get flattened by a tree Scout

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I went to see Final Destination with my mate from school and we had a near death experience on the way home :joy:

We were supposed to be getting a lift home from his mum, but she wasn’t answering her phone. I tried calling home but couldn’t get through. We missed the bus by about 2 seconds. By this point we were joking to each other “oooh it’s like we’re not supposed to take that way home!” We went to the station and I didn’t have money for a ticket, but my pal had just enough change to buy two. We were like SEE? Fate is making us go this way! We made our way down to the platform with a handful of other people, but the tube going in the opposite direction arrived first and everyone except the two of us got on, leaving us alone in the underground station.

Then the fucking fire alarm went off. I’ll never forget the look on his face for as long as I live :smiley:


Maybe the trees are trying to protect you from something? I feel like the trees are goodies, not baddies (I will retract this statement if they kill you).

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Perhaps, but no one is replanting the trees and it’s making me sad (did a look to see if any nests came down with them but weirdly none have, so the birds obviously knew the score early on - maybe they made it happen?)

No but my little sister is -
Broke her leg in a rock club just before lockdown was announced
While she was living with our parents her flat flooded, twice
Then she moved back into her flat and a car crashed into her living room, right where she usually sits to work - luckily she was in the office that day
Last week while she was self isolating for 10 days she had a powercut, it was roasting hot, she had no food and her laptop died so she was trying to work off her phone

Perhaps this is the universe punishing her for convincing me I should watch all 5 Final Destination films “it really is worth it, there’s an amazing twist, it’s so good!” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe if I hang out with your sister our curses will lift, or we’ll be able to harness all the evil of the universe :thinking:

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Think maybe I’m actually charmed, at work a tonne of metal crates fell inches from my head and when I was robbed at gunpoint they took nothing at all.

We have purchased 3 bits of flat pack furniture that have all had to be sent back/had to get new parts for as they have been broken on delivery that’s felt like a curse. This is obviously not nearly as bad as someone driving into The Black Friars.

i’m cursed with the kavorka