Are you drinking enough water? [Audit]

  • Yes, definitely, drinking loooooads :man_playing_water_polo:
  • Probably not quite enough considering how hot it is :sun_with_face:
  • Definitely not :non-potable_water:
  • …ug…ughgh… ghhhh… :skull_and_crossbones:
  • Please don’t ever ask me that ever again. Mind your own goshdarned business. :fu:

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Please take care or yourselves, thank you.

- eric7

water’s pretty good isn’t it

As long as tea counts towards the total intake, then yep, plenty.


Dr. @Epimer to thread

i had a bottle of sparkling water which was delicious, really hit the spot. drinking plain water is pretty shite though. i don’t like it, but I’ll have to go along with it.


where is Eric Vii and what have you done with them

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4th pint today already.

Annoying that the tap water isn’t as cold as it usually is because of the weather.

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Water is my top drink so you’d better believe it


This thread inspired me to drink some more water, so thank you.

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Just the 4 pints for me this morning


the system works!

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how do i know

The Big Water shills are at it again I see

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I’d be necking down a big bag of water even if it was pissing down with jagged ice outside

i was gonna do a pee chart but my heart’s not really in it anymore

Are you alive? Do you feel thirsty?

So fucked nature’s even allowed for living things to develop an aversion to water :joy: it’s basically water all the way down

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