Are you drinking enough water? [Audit]

I’m about to order a soda stream cause my fizzy water intake is through the roof


Sparkling water + squash = a Soda Stream but without the dodgy links to Israel

EDIT - oh yeah, great timing CCB


Depends on the fizz for me. Find some sparkling things and sodas proper acrid, like they’ve dumped an entire steel works in the vat before carbonating. But then you get like prosecco bubbles which are delightful.

Gives you early warning if there’s a tyrannosaurus rex approaching too, so it’s basically the perfect system

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Made the mistake on a school trip to Germany of buying sparkling water because those EU eurocrats sell it as the default water

I threw it to the ground

As sparkling drinks go, champagne is at the nicer end of the spectrum, but (if I drank alcohol) I’d never choose it in preference to a nice non-sparkling wine


I’m completely addicted to fizzy drinks. If I don’t drink fizzy water I end up drinking awful coke etc.

Obviously I use the term addiction in the loosest sense, just a very long term habit I guess.

I used to work with someone who’d get through 3 or 4 500ml bottles of sparkling water per day, just in working hours. Fair play for staying hydrated but not for me.

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remember seeing a video of a toddler trying cola for the first time and spitting it out looking confused going “it tastes spicy?!”

i think about that sometimes

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Not fussed about drinking water at work, but fuck drinking water at home. Reckon we get through a couple of big bottles of squash a week.

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I love water but I am literally never sufficiently hydrated

I used to barely drink anything as a kid and find it hard to drink lots of water (Monster and alcohol on the other hand…)

Yeah I’m on the vimto. But I don’t like the sugar free version of that either so am probably doing myself a damage

fuck yeah. just had a good sip

used to drink tons of the stuff but not as much now. being in the office i was just in the habit of constantly going to fill up my water bottle all the time out of boredom i think. working from home i just go and eat a load of biscuits instead


2nd bottle of the day now :raised_hands: The water at the office isn’t as nice as the water at home though…but it is colder…

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Just had some refreshing pink grapefruit squash.


haha ‘or’

you twattttttttttttttt

Was in the checkout queue yesterday behind two kids, 10/11 years old I’d guess, each buying two of those large cans of Monster. Was thinking they are going to go mental but I ate/drank absolute crap at that age as well so would have probably been those kids if Monster had been a thing at the time.

yeah i pretty much only ate sugary cereal and mcdonalds for about 15 years and i turned out… hmm