Are you drinking enough water? [Audit]

don’t mind fizzy drinks but i normally try to de-fizz them a little bit. shake up the bottle a little bit and open it when it won’t explode.

don’t drink fizzy drinks that often these days but do get a craving for a fizzy drink now and then

used to like adding sparkling water to ribena as a kid though

to me, cucumber sort of tastes like watermelon with all the sweetness taken out. sort of bland but fine.

always fascinated by the idea of it tasting really strong to some people

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Can’t believe DiS has got so contrarian that possessing a mild “I like water” opinion has made me a hipster.

For me it’s kind of like Fairy Liquid, if Fairy Liquid didn’t taste like soap (I assume). That kind of… intense oiliness?

I’m not doing a good job of describing it. It ruins food for me even after its been picked out. DISGUSTEN

Imagine that but it mings

quite shocked that something seemingly so tasteless (to most) could taste so strong to others. Weird.

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Like when a cat starts to wretch after sniffing a delicious salt and vinegar crisp

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cucumber isn’t oily wtf

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Not in texture but as a taste. In how persistent it is.

oh i see, so it tastes of oil

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I’d cook with cucumber oil


sparkling water is water but fun


noodles + cucumber is a good meal