Are you due a tax refund? 💵💵💵



Anybody tried this out yet? website here, apparently it’ll say if you’re due any monies underneath your name once you’ve logged in. You’ll need info from a passport or a payslip.

I’m not due anything :disappointed:


I got a tax rebate once for about £8 I made sure I got that alright. Shame about the £6000 though.


Yeah I had one a couple of years ago for about £12. Happy days!


currently waiting for the text message to arrive which sets up my account

shit signal here tho


Had one for £93 once, pretty sure I’m due one this year too.


i got one this year for £13


I got like 3k worth over the past 2 years, dollah dollah bill y’all. Spent on luxury items I didn’t need and didn’t use it towards my future so begging for another one, though I feel my luck is up sadly


Sadly not.


I’m owed about £200 but need to wait for my P800. Did anyone receive theirs yet?


pretty sure i am yeah. paid my tax (or some of it?) up front when i did my tax return, then went out and got a fucking job on PAYE. probably quite a packet coming in when I can be arsed to sort it out.


couple of years ago I got a whopping 700 odd quid. around christmas time, which seemed a bit odd at the time


odd odd

bill oddie


700 is an even number though


Just logged on to that website, and the cunts have spelt my first name wrong.

Does that mean I can have all of my tax back?


I’m income tax exempt lawl


I got a grand and a half a couple of months ago just as I was quitting my “adult” job
That was nice


it’s quite difficult to log into that website


It’s at Beta stage once you get in there as well.


how do you work out if they’re due you money?


I’d rather not poke the beehive tbh…